Steps to apply for a good credit

If you have been postponing the arrangement of your home, the purchase of new appliances or even the purchase of your home, this is presented as the best time to apply for a bank loan.

Saving is always more advisable, so we collect the amount we need and pay our purchase without interest. But if you see the months go by and you don’t get a good amount of savings, and that a loan is presented as the best option, there are factors that you should consider to make sure that credit is a gain and not a loss. For that, follow these steps.


Evaluate your financial situation

financial credit

If you have debts, how much do you need to cancel them? What is your monthly fee and how much is your ability to pay? You have to add all your regular cats, including the payment of your debts, and see how much money you have left, since that could be used to pay your loan.

You can request your credit report, which is free once a year, and so you will know how banks see you and if you have a good chance of being granted credit or not.


Compare your options

Compare your options

It is time to see how much the banks will charge us for the money we request, not only the interest rate but the sum of everything. For that, use our consumer credit comparator and enter the amount you need. Evaluate what the monthly fee you would have to pay in each bank. It is recommended that the monthly payment of all your debts does not exceed 30% of your salary. Already in the previous step you saw how much you could pay monthly, identify the option that best suits that.

If what you are looking for is to finance your new house or apartment or to be built, what you need is the mortgage loan comparator . Remember that to obtain a mortgage loan you need to have between 20% and 30% of your initial fee saved. (If you still have nothing but want to start fulfilling that dream, you can see this plan to buy your own home )



credit application

You already know how much you can pay, you evaluated the options and chose the best one. Now, comes the part of requesting the loan and start paying it in a timely manner, so you will show that you are a responsible customer and the acquisition of future credits will be even easier.

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