Loans without collateral for freelancers

Financial loans without guarantee for self employed

Loans without guarantee for freelancers

A good option to acquire financing immediately is to obtain a loan. And in most cases attaining liquidity at the right period makes the difference between an expert idea that works and one more that sinks. However , matters get complicated when we discuss freelancers or small businesses. Because the crisis began, traditional banking institutions completely reduced the number of financial loans and tightened the problems for offering them. Hence the lack of stable income, in Asnef or supporting a company project in its first occasions of life was totally abandoned.

After this situation, new financing businesses have been created that offer credit score to customers. Freelancers incorporated. One of them is Eicredit, that can be operating since 2012. Via these new companies, getting a loan is much simpler. Nevertheless , what happens if we do not have an assurance to achieve it? Do we now have any type of option to apply for a mortgage?

The truth is that will yes. It is about microcredits.

Microcredits or even loans without collateral pertaining to freelancers

Microcredits or loans without collateral for freelancers

A effective and safe way to get a loan without having collateral is to go to microcredits. Today there is a large difference of microcredits in the market. Through those that offer a limited quantity of capital in less than fifteen mins to all types of profiles. In order to others who are in charge of critiquing with more care the data files of their clients to offer a lot more capital. Depending on the model you are searching for, you can get financing immediately for everyone types of profiles.

These loans can range through € 50 to € 40, 000 on particular occasions.

By means of these quick loans we are able to meet specific economic requirements and even use them to start our own professional career as self employed. Of course , the requirements will not be exactly the same to access a € fifty microcredit as € forty, 000.

Features of microcredits


Probably the most interesting of these quick financial loans are their characteristics. Which usually allow to obtain liquidity for all types of clients. The most notable are undoubtedly the following:

  • These are quick loans. That is, you will have the particular requested capital in your own bank account in less than fifteen minutes.
  • Possibility of real funding for people without resources. Regrettably, the economic reality associated with Spain has changed, and much, given that 2008. Full-time and everlasting jobs are practically non-existent. Salaries have been reduced in order to ridiculous amounts on numerous occasions. That Spain to found a job where you could invest the rest of your life has disappeared permanently. Job insecurity and economic instability have replaced this. Hence, there are more and more people along with somewhat more depleted sources. But they still need funding to move forward. For example to spread out a new business project.
  • Preferred conditions upon many occasions. Another function of these credits is that they provide preferential conditions. For example , the particular absence of commissions, very careful rates of interest, etc .
  • No requirement to present a guarantee or ensure. Perhaps one of the most interesting situations of these loans is that simply no guarantee or guarantee is needed to be granted. What is usually the most serious problem confronted by those who do not have an excellent financial situation. In the case of the a sole proprietor, the way to achieve completion is usually by presenting a viable company project. It is clear that will, in return, these companies make sure to wager on those projects in whose success they trust. To allow them to be somewhat rigorous whenever selecting the self-employed in order to whom they grant funds.

Procedure for apply for these loans with no guarantee for freelancers

Undoubtedly the procedure for follow to achieve this type of financial loans are the following:

  • Present a good company project. That is, the freelance writer must have a solid business intend to get the attention of the loan provider. If the plan is not however mature you will have to review this until you offer what is essential.
  • Documentation. However may be variations depending on the corporation that grants the microcredit, these are the documents that could be requested in broad shots:
    • The microcredit application form.
    • The feasibility report to be issued with the company that will offer the mortgage.
    • Personal information. Through the DNI or NIF from the company, through a detailed RESUME of the candidate. Previous earnings statements and even a report associated with Work Life.
    • Recommendations both professionally plus personally.
    • Funds or invoices with which in order to justify the investment you wish to make to advance a professional task.
    • If personal funds are available, they will be utilized in said project.
    • Valuation by the lender. Using this information in hand the lender will certainly assess the case of each probable client. Depending on the amounts, this particular assessment may be accompanied by an individual interview.

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