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Do you have several consumer loans in progress and want to consolidate them to reduce the amount of your monthly payments? You can apply to buy a loan from a suitable organization. We indicate the documents to be provided as well as the method for writing your credit redemption letter.

The decrease in the monthly payment is allowed by the lengthening of the repayment period and increases the cost of credit.

What evidence is needed to apply for credit redemption?

What evidence is needed to apply for credit redemption?

Credit redemption is a credit solution offered to borrowers who accumulate multiple consumer loans and wish to combine them into a single credit. To apply for a repurchase of credit is to apply to a lending institution that will prepay the outstanding debts in the various banks and / or financial institutions, and offer a single credit, with a single monthly payment. The establishment establishes after dialogue with the customer a document which, answering legal requirements comes to guarantee its good information. To establish this information document the lender will ask you for the document disclosure that he will study carefully.

  • a copy of identity document;
  • proof of address of less than three months;
  • a rib ;
  • a copy of your most recent monthly statements of account;
  • proof of income (pay slips, tax notices, balance sheets, etc.);
  • the credit redemption request form completed with details of your income and expenses and outstanding credits to be redeemed;

Warning: this list may change depending on the establishment contacted and your situation.

Can I apply for online credit redemption?

Can I apply for online credit redemption?

Most financial institutions or online banks propose to make a request to buy credit online, with the exception of traditional banks where, in the majority of cases, an appointment in agency will be necessary. Ilia’s Online Credit Redemption offers you valuable time in your credit consolidation process. Just fill out a form and let yourself be guided. A counselor will contact you in case of questions or to complete your file. A response will be provided within a short time. Practice, is not it?

These steps are possible directly over the phone if you are not a follower of the Internet.

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