Credit Card Use Myths

For some personal finance advisors, credit cards are a trap and a guarantee of problems, but what most people don’t know is that myths are among many tips.

Let’s look at the most well-known myths:

credit cards with money cash

Having a credit card is going into a debt without end. This is the most common myth. It may seem ridiculous, but there are many Brazilians who are afraid of having a credit card precisely because they think the card is a debt bomb ready to explode. The truth is that the famous “plastic money” is completely harmless as long as you know how to use it.

The key to the proper use of this means of payment is control. Remember that the money you spend on the card is not a miracle donation that is available to you. Make your purchases, but first ask the question: Will I have money to pay for this on the due date of my invoice? The advantage of paying within 40 or 50 days does not mean that you will not have to pay.


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In fact it is just the opposite. I ask a question and you will understand what I am talking about. Do you know precisely where you spent every penny in your wallet over the last 4 days? Well, on the card anything you buy will be registered. You can plan and use your credit card more than have money in your wallet. This allows you to know exactly where you spent and should not.

When you buy and buy with “cash” you spend on superfluous things, but soon forget and do the same again. Your card statement will not let you forget that this expense could have been delayed.


money cash

This myth may even be true, but it depends on the situation you are in. If you are already in debt, ie you have not paid the full amount of the invoice but want to settle the debt without creating a snowball. Contact the company or bank that manages your card, and request refinancing, but make it clear that you want to “freeze” card usage until you finish paying. Pay, think hard, and analyze who is making mistakes in this story and restructure your financial life.

Now if you are not in debt but are afraid. Keep in mind that what you buy pays for, that some stores offer non-interest installment payments, keep all vouchers, think about your salary and live well with your card.
Some years ago someone told me that a credit card is a good father with bad children, that is, a good father because he releases everything that is within his credit limit, but with bad children because people usually buy and buy, but they forget that sooner or later they will have to pay.

Your good credit card relationship is up to you, learn how to manage your finances, and look at the card as a facility that still turns your consumption into reward programs. I’m sure the money in your wallet doesn’t offer you anything like that. Through credit card comparator you will find the card that fits your pocket. Check out!


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