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Loans without collateral for freelancers

Financial loans without guarantee for self employed A good option to acquire financing immediately is to obtain a loan. And in most cases attaining liquidity at the right period makes the difference between an expert idea that works and one more that sinks. However , matters get complicated when we discuss freelancers or small businesses. […]

Business loans with bad credit history

Credits Redemption Request. | Loan consolidation

Do you have several consumer loans in progress and want to consolidate them to reduce the amount of your monthly payments? You can apply to buy a loan from a suitable organization. We indicate the documents to be provided as well as the method for writing your credit redemption letter. The decrease in the monthly […]

Steps to apply for a good credit

If you have been postponing the arrangement of your home, the purchase of new appliances or even the purchase of your home, this is presented as the best time to apply for a bank loan. Saving is always more advisable, so we collect the amount we need and pay our purchase without interest. But if […]

Can I borrow money with a BKR registration?

Can you still borrow money with a BKR registration? And if so, where then? The good news is that the answer is “Yes.” Yes, you can simply borrow money with a BKR registration. We immediately mention that there is a difference between a positive and negative BKR registration. And that affects the types of loans […]

Secrets to choose the best credit

Borrowing money from a financial institution is a measure that many people have taken at some point in their lives to meet some goal. Whether you buy a product, pay for some vacations and even start your own business. And it is that a credit can serve all these things and much more, and obtaining […]

Credit Card Use Myths

For some personal finance advisors, credit cards are a trap and a guarantee of problems, but what most people don’t know is that myths are among many tips. Let’s look at the most well-known myths: Having a credit card is going into a debt without end. This is the most common myth. It may seem […]

Mini loan up to 1500 euros – Instantly borrow money, borrow quickly and easily

There is no more moving market than the market for mini loans. Where a few months ago the maximum amount for the mini loan was adjusted to a maximum of 1000 Euros. A mini loan of up to 1500 euros is now possible. A mini loan is indeed an expensive form of borrowing money. But […]

The miracle of credit

Imagine a man with his salary of 800 reais, married to a woman who has an income of 1,200 reais. The purchasing power of this family is restricted to 2 thousand reais. Imagine that this family has no access to banking, credit cards or any other type of credit. Considering that food and basic household […]