Month: July 2019

Secrets to choose the best credit

Borrowing money from a financial institution is a measure that many people have taken at some point in their lives to meet some goal. Whether you buy a product, pay for some vacations and even start your own business. And it is that a credit can serve all these things and much more, and obtaining […]

Credit Card Use Myths

For some personal finance advisors, credit cards are a trap and a guarantee of problems, but what most people don’t know is that myths are among many tips. Let’s look at the most well-known myths: Having a credit card is going into a debt without end. This is the most common myth. It may seem […]

Mini loan up to 1500 euros – Instantly borrow money, borrow quickly and easily

There is no more moving market than the market for mini loans. Where a few months ago the maximum amount for the mini loan was adjusted to a maximum of 1000 Euros. A mini loan of up to 1500 euros is now possible. A mini loan is indeed an expensive form of borrowing money. But […]

The miracle of credit

Imagine a man with his salary of 800 reais, married to a woman who has an income of 1,200 reais. The purchasing power of this family is restricted to 2 thousand reais. Imagine that this family has no access to banking, credit cards or any other type of credit. Considering that food and basic household […]